01/08/2023 - 12/08/2023    
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Coccore, Coccore

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Hello Breatharian Sisters and Brothers,

Here we are once again to remind you how beautiful it is to have you as part of our community. The Breatharian knowledge is getting expanded through humankind thanks to individuals like you who spread the word with the ones around you, wholeheartedly, slowly but surely.

And this is why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of getting even more inspired by this new paradigm at the 8th edition of the Pranic World Festival in August 2023. The list of the speakers is wide and keeps getting bigger:

Oberom, Jasmuheen, Marja Nieuwveld, Tal Gilboa, Ma Rasa, Nicolas Pilartz, Rakhi Chari, Ranjeet Bassi, Edgardo Bonazzi, Luce, Cristiana Eltrayan, John DePass, Jerome Shaw, Raffaella Galoppi, Maria Tutu, Brandon Dey, Ginette Saint-Pierre, Marzia Mascolino, Ivan Orlic, Pascal Martelli, Jasmin Herera, Victor Truviano, Roc Lloret, Elitom El-amin, Yogi Zen, Janelle Molony, Jesse Boudreau, Markus Witte, Monika Kunovská, Rishi Royal, Zyla, Gaston Bacchiani, P.A Straubinger, Svetlana Lavrova, Ogam, Fabrice De Graef.

🟢 Spiritoo is er WEL voor de zoekers, de open geesten, de kritische wakkeren, de niet-materialisten, de spirituele diepdenkers en voelers, natuurlijke gezondheidswerkers, vredespelgrims, heldere gelovers in de liefde ...
⛔️ NIET voor schapen, slaapkoppen, pestkoppen, spammers, meelopers, oorlogstokers, blindgelovers van mainstream-media, materialisten, het WEF en de WHO ...


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